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  • Amino Acid delivery

    Pronutria Biosciences is advancing a new class of amino acid therapeutics and supplements designed to precisely correct the underlying amino acid imbalances that cause a range of serious conditions.

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  • Health Restored

    We leverage the power of our proprietary platform to deliver specific amino acid profiles to restore cellular health.

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  • Lives Transformed

    Pronutria is driven by a mission to transform the lives of those with difficult to treat illnesses through limitless innovation and unwavering dedication.

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The Potential of Amino Acids

Amino acids (AA) are the body’s molecular building blocks, responsible for creating a variety of proteins essential for human health and survival. The precise way in which AAs interact with each other to create these proteins is tightly controlled by AA homeostasis. Occasionally, this carefully regulated process becomes disrupted, leading to cellular dysfunction and eventually disease. We aim to restore these critical cellular processes by identifying and delivering the correct profiles of restorative AAs in a wide range of serious conditions and diseases that are poorly managed in medicine today.

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